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Frisky Zebra & Kusafiri - 7th March '23

On Tuesday the 7th of March we tasted the wines of Frisky Zebra and Kusafiri. This tasting was presented by the dynamic duo Michelle and Justin Du Plessis of In Vino Veritas. The Frisky Zebra wines are from the United Nations of Wine headed by Dr. David Bate. David formerly ran Leopard Frog wines, and still makes the Frisky Zebra range. Kusafiri is an Organic range from Paardeberg. The Zebra wines have been to Vats before, but the Kusafiri wines were completely new to us. The tasting was info driven and well presented. The following was the order the wines were presented and the resultant scores.

1. Frisky Zebra Sauvignon Blanc NV

Juicy, fruity, tropical, Sauvignon Blanc.

Score- 15.40.

2. Frisky Zebra Seductive Shiraz NV

Indeed, a seductive well-made Shiraz.

Score- 16.00.

3. Kusafiri Sauvignon Blanc 2022

Typical, grassy, lean, green pepper well-made Sauvignon Blanc.

Score- 16.67.

4. Kusafiri Merlot 2021

A good quality, juicy, fruity Merlot!

Score- 16.40.

5. Kusafiri Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

Also a typical, good, Cabernet, with typical cassis, black cherry, lead pencil, violets and stacks of fruit.

Score- 16.1.

6. Kusafiri Shiraz 2021

An old-style Shiraz, with leathery components, slightly lacking fruit.

Score- 15.90.

A very interesting tasting, thanks to Michelle and Justin for bringing the Zebra’s back and introducing Kusafiri to us. The Zebras were juicy and fruit filled. The Kusafiri organic wines were typical to cultivar and good quality wines. So tops was the Kusafiri Sauvignon Blanc, followed by the Merlot. The Kusafiri wines were the best organic wines I have tasted in years! All these wines were well priced and excellent value for money!! Thanks Michelle and Justin!

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