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Covid-19 & Tastings

19th May 2021

We are now tasting again!!


So now that the club can put together a schedule of great wine tastings we have found that many of the wine farms and distributors are not quite able to help us as before the Covid-19 lockdowns.

This state of affairs has unfortunately forced us to set a more elastic scheduling that was the norm for the six months of last year as unfortunately many of the wine farms and their respective distributors are not currently able to give tastings (budgets, etc., are very tight and need to be confirmed).

Therefore please check either your emails from Bernd Sonnenberg or periodically check the 2021 tasting schedule posted on this site for the next tastings as we are currently unable to guarantee a tasting on each and every Tuesday. 

Thanks and hoping to see you at those tastings that we are able to host


A Beginner's Guide to Sweet Wine

As a dedicated (and growing!) community of fans, we’ve come together to create an amazing hub for people from all over to share and interact. We are now partnering with a Wine Lovers site in the States called 'I Love Wine' and are stating off with a explanation on Sweet Wines - something many people do not understand and think they would not like - ERRONEOUSLY - please read by clinking the link below -

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Red Wine Tasting

VATS Wine Club was founded in 1983, when a few friends met in a local Johannesburg restaurant to taste and discuss wine. Now, thirty-five years later, VATS has grown into an a very well known and respected institution.

Our membership is still growing, with members from all walks of life and from every stage of experience - from the novice to the master.

The common thread that ties us together is a passion for wine. VATS has become well respected within the industry and attracts prominent speakers from every facet of the trade to address us on all aspects of viniculture and viticulture.

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