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The Wines of Louisvale Tasting - 5th March '24

On the 5th of March Anri Bester Gerber and Eugene Joubert came to present the wines of Louisvale to us. We always look forward to tastings with Anri and Eugene’s tastings, which are great, information filled tastings. Filled with information of the farm, the people and the beautiful wines made there. The following is the tasting, the comments made by the tasters and the average scores.


1.     Stone Road Rose 2023 (Cinsault)

Colour- light pink. Nose-raspberry, honey, strawberry, fresh, watermelon, salty. Palate- crisp acidity, lively minerality, nutty, almonds, raspberry, strawberry, Turkish Delight on the finish.

Score- 16.15.

2.    Sauvignon Blanc 2023

Colour- light green. Nose- asparagus, green gooseberry, sea spray, wet wool, grapefruit, pear drops, passion fruit. Palate- crisp acidity, kiwi fruit, gooseberry, lemon, lively minerality, yellow pears, passion fruit.

Score- 16.36.

3.    Chardonnay unwooded 2022

Colour- light green. Nose- spice, citrus with lemons, honey, tangy oranges. Palate- crisp acidity, lively minerality, honey, spices, oranges and lemons that linger to the finish, with a hint of honey on the after palate, soft.

Score- 16.07.

4.    Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

Colour- inky dark red almost purple, with no gradation to a purple rim. Nose- meaty, black currant, black berries and cherries, dusty, white pepper, green herbs, coffee, chocolate, plum, caramel. Palate- crisp acidity, firm tannins, prunes, black berries and cherries, nutty (almond?), chocolate, caramel, black currants, lively and juicy dark fruits that linger to the finish.

Score- 17.23 (6th best wine for 2024, out of 64 tasted).

5.    Dominique Bordeaux Blend 2021 (71% Cabernet Sauvignon, 23% Merlot & 6% Cabernet Franc)

Colour- inky dark red, with no gradation to a red rim. Nose- musty, mocha, cloves, forest floor, chocolate, black currant, black cherries and berries. Palate- crisp acidity, firm tannins, black cherry and berries, spices including cloves, dark plums, milk chocolate, black currant, hints of cedar, long dark cherry and berry finish.

Score- 17.50 (tied 2nd best wine for 2024 with the Anura Reserve Malbec 2021).


What a great tasting, filled with interesting wines, the light Stone Road Rose, with its delicate strawberry nose and palate, at a devilishly good price point! The lively Sauvignon Blanc with its lovely green fruits and passion fruit. The reds really showed, Dominique second best wine tasted thus far at 17.50, only beaten by the Anura Chenin Blanc Reserve at 17.83. The lovely Cabernet Sauvignon was an amazing fruit bomb and second in the tasting, 6th for the year! Once again Anri and Eugene spoiled us, so thank you kindly to them both, we really love having them at Vats!!






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